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An all new Vari kites collection for 2016, the Condor C, the Condor K2 and the Vari Classic Condor One.


Condor C

The 3rd generation freestyle/wakestyle kite from Vari. A bridled C-kite with the feel of the old C-kites and of course a good relanch and depower.

For intermediate and expert riders who are looking for a stable and solid kite.

Vari Condor c 2016

Condor One

The 6th generation of this allround Vari kite. A 5-strut SLE for freeride and freestyle, with good depower and also good for unhooking.

For fast learning beginners, intermediate and advanced kiters who just want to have a great time on the water.


Condor K2

The 2nd generation of this Vari allround kite, replacing the allround Vari Vulcan. A 3-strut hybrid kite for beginners and intermediate kiters.

Great for beginners or kiters who are looking for an airtime and oldschool kite. This kite might even surprise you on the waves.



Vari Kites was founded by Martin Vari in 2009 after a succesfull kitesurf career, 2-times world champion freestyle and world champion wave in 2007 and has been growing ever since.

“Vari kites was an idea that I always had in my mind. The company has evolved really fast. But we don’t rush things. We give each phase its natural development. We are here to create smart products. That have a true purpose, are high quality, and simple to use. We are enjoying the ride.”

2016 brings us 3 great new kites, for freeride, wave, big air and freestyle/waestyle.